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allergy relief from hackinghealth.usDo you suffer allergy symptoms? Here are some fantastic ideas for allergy relief, both temporary and permanent.

Yes, permanent allergy relief. I’ve seen it happen.

Just after college, I was living in St. Louis. I don’t know what I was reacting to, but I’d sneeze 50 times in a morning during spring, summer and fall! It was crazy and I had no clue there was anything to be done about. Today there is plenty we can do for allergy relief!!!

Supplements for Fast, Temporary Allergy Relief

Sometimes, you just need the sneezing/watering/itching to STOP! Here are three Integrative Therapeutics products that work great for me and for clients.

The first is AllQlear and I always have a bottle on hand: one at home, one in the car. I don’t suffer allergies like I used to, but sometimes I’ll be in a new place or a moldy building and I get the telltale throat itch. I chew two (delicious) AllQlear and I’m good!

  • Very fast acting! Relief was had within 15 minutes in human clinical data (on dander, pollen and dust)! I can testify to this!!!
  • It eliminates itchy eyes, itchy nose, runny noes, nasal congestion, watery eyes and sneezing.
  • It’s main ingredient is a simple food protein found in quail eggs! This protein has been found to be the strongest stabilizer of the mast cells that secrete the symptom-causing chemicals.
  • AllQlear works on histamine and tryptase.

Next in line is AGI (alpha Glycosyl Isoquercitrin), also very fast-acting because it is so rapidly and effectively absorbed. If you use quercetin, then you want to give AGI a try. AGI has the same antioxidant protection at the cellular level, but is 18x more absorbable than man-made quercetin aglycone with better bioavailability!

  • 1 AGI capsule is equal to 600 mg of quercetin
  • 1 twice a day gives round the clock protection, versus DHist which requires 6 per day
  • Quercetin is a man-made form that has to be forced across the bowel wall with bromelain

The third little blessing-in-a-bottle for temporary allergy relief is Soledum. It’s a decongestant which has been clinically shown to prevent infection and clear sinuses!

  • Non-drowsy
  • Non-stimulating
  • Shrinks nasal swelling
  • Reduces secretion of mucus
  • Increases cilia beat frequency which means you can be clear-headed faster

Complementary Solutions for Allergy Relief

Vitamin C 1000mg+ day Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine! I use Nutribiotics. I like powders because there is nothing else in there. Plus, I’m a mega-doser — taking 1 tsp of powder for 5000 mg beats the heck out of 5-10 pills! It is VERY tart, however, so I put it in my smoothie or Fizz sticks or kombucha, something either in a lot of water or with a strong taste of its own. Heck, the baby takes it in her organic tart cherry juice and coconut water mix — doesn’t bat an eye!

Drink water We humans carry an excellent supply of virus and bacteria in nasal passages. Water thins your mucus so you can blow those allergens out!

Probiotics+ Gut health is implicated in every illness! I now only use and recommend Arbonne’s Digestion Plus. D+ is a high-quality probiotic, prebiotic and digestive enzyme product in one so a good buy as well @ $42 for 30 days. Text me and I can help you order that online.

*Email and phone are at the top of every page.

Nasal rinse Consider doing a nasal rinse to clear your sinus of pollen, bacteria and virus. You can use a neti pot or just do the “kid version”: make your warm salt water in a cup. Pour a little in your hand, snuff up one nostril and spit out, then do the other nostril. Copious snot, but hey, cleans out the pollen.

You only need to add a LITTLE salt to your water to help cleanse those passages. Salt is a natural bacteria killer. We use this real salt but any “whole” salt finely ground will do. Do not use table salt… it is worthless as far as your health is concerned.

Permanent Solutions for Allergy Relief

This requires lifestyle modification /=:-) That’s the more pleasant-sounding 21st century term for “change”…

Gut health is foundational! The first thing to do is an elimination diet so we can assess what foods and supplements are affecting your gut health. My 30 day elimination diet is delicious, fun, educational and affordable. Call or email me for details.

In the meantime, keep up the Vitamin C, drinking water, Digestion + and nasal rinse to help keep symptoms at bay!


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