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This month (Jan 2021), Mercola featured an article on BFR training (blood flow restriction). I’d read an article a few years ago and loved the idea, but couldn’t get Hal interested.

Well, Hal read this article and BOOM! He’s IN. With Hal finally on board 100%, I’m very excited! I mean, he has always done what I tell him… but grudgingly, like he’s appeasing me (which he was). Now? ALL IN.

Why? Because, over the last 7 weeks, he’s lost 10 pounds of muscle due to severe stress… This hit him hard!! So I bought the straps (see next paragraph) right away and we’re doing the work out! It’s awesome — it just makes so much sense!!! It’s a perfect way to get heavy weight training benefits with lighter weights!

These are the wraps we got, comes with ebook and tons of info. The sellers have been very responsive to reviews! (The ones Mercola recommends on his site are not in stock.)

This type of workout is particularly helpful when you are out of shape muscle-wise because you run no risk to your joints!!! Mercola explains it all here:

Just watched this next quick vid, looking for a few workouts. Can do with weights or bands, or body weight to start (will eventually need added stress), still working the muscle to fatigue. Which happens FAST.

Mercola points out the importance of Leucine as well, you need 3mg after a workout. Most BCAA products will have that much. I’m looking in my local health food store tomorrow to get some.

NOTE: 3 mg is plenty, more leucine is not better!!!

Let me know if you try this! We have been doing it a week and noticed results & soreness right away!!! If there’s ONE thing you want in superior shape (besides your brain) as you age, it’s the ability to get off the floor unassisted. Once you can’t? You are done. Build that muscle, baby!!!

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