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🧐 Did you know that there is no blood-brain barrier with nasal delivery? Whatever you breathe in goes directly to your brain!! And, if it’s a heavy metal, IT usually* STAYS THERE until you chelate it!

“Once nanoparticles directly enter olfactory areas of the brain through the nose, they can spread to other areas of the brain, including hippocampus and cerebral cortex – regions affected in Alzheimer’s disease.” — Prof David Allsop, an Alzheimer’s disease expert at Lancaster University

🧐 Did you know that abnormal accumulation of brain metals is a key feature of Alzheimer’s and brain cancer?

…the correlation seen between brain cancer and nanoparticles was “surprisingly consistent”… — Scott Weichenthal, McGill University, Canada

IRON, PLATINUM, COBALT, NICKEL are all found in air pollution and in the brains of dementia & cancer patients.

In fact, toxic air has been linked to other effects on the brain, including HUGE reductions in intelligence, increased dementia, and mental health problems in humans of all ages.

The WHO calls air pollution a “silent public health emergency”. I believe it!


  • Detox those metals out of your brain & body safely and effectively with zeolite. [If you know another way to get heavy metals out of your brain other than chelation, please share! I’ve been researching chelation since 2006 and zeolite is BY FAR the simplest, most affordable, most effective method I’ve found.]
  • Regular exercise to get your blood flowing throughout your brain. Blood carries in O2 & zeolite, helps carry out toxins! This takes very little exercise!!
  • Exercise also releases dopamine which is not just the “happy” hormone, but plays an essential role in cognition.
  • Eat a low-glycemic, low-carb, sugar-free diet. Dementia is aka Diabetes III which is insulin resistance of the brain. Insulin resistance is essentially caused by a high carb diet! [Need HELP repairing your diet? This is my passion =/:-) Text me 859-550-3862!]
  • Diffuse highest quality essential oils: in the nose and into the brain for powerful healing. Rosemary is highly recommended and great paired with Lemon! [If you are going to use EOs, use CLEAN EOs that have been processed without chemicals, otherwise you are compounding your problems by inhaling more toxins.]
  • In your car, use a car essential oil diffuser NOT those toxic chemical smelly things you hang from your rearview mirror. [Search “are car fresheners bad for you” for some shocking information. You really wonder how those things are even for sale!!!] Here are 2 great options: an actual plug-in diffuser or these cute car vent diffusers.
  • Ok, maybe those face masks are not a bad idea!!! Seriously.
  • Get a home air purifier [FoodBabe has a good article here. She’s recommending a particular air purifier, I don’t know enough about them but I do trust her recommendations.]
  • Fill your home with air-cleaning houseplants [https://lifehacker.com/this-graphic-shows-the-best-air-cleaning-plants-accord-1705307836]

*Toxins and heavy metals “usually” stay in our bodies because we are overwhelmed by toxins in our atmosphere. Our detox pathways (lymphatics, microcirculation, kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, bowels) can become clogged/overwhelmed as well and stop operating at peak capacity. This means the toxins stick around creating havoc in our bodies!

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