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claude bernard the terrain is everything“Bernard was right; the pathogen is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur’s deathbed words.

In other words: it’s the terrain — our bodies — that causes us to become ill, not the germ.

Because of Claude Bernard (and Antoine Bechamp) — both snubbed in conventional medicine — you and I know that cancer is curable. Thank you.

A few years ago, you couldn’t have sold me the idea that cancer cures existed. “People with cancer die. Everyone knows that.”

Not so fast there, Abernathy.

I’ve done so much reading and link-following on cancer the past few weeks, I’m now crammed full of usable fear-relieving cancer info. The first thing I now know for sure is that cancer is curable. Particularly if you catch it before Stage IV, but, even then, there are solid, verifiable reasons to hope for a complete cure followed by a long and happy life.

How to Cure Cancer

Don’t miss my Alternative Cancer Cures post.

First this: I’ve spent the last five nights listening to interviews with successful integrative cancer doctors who are healing cancer using diet, supplements and detox. Healing cancer. ALL cancers.

Each night has been a 2-hour listen to successful cancer doctors talking about their therapies. Two people a night, including Gerson, Gonzalez, Contreras, Getoff and a couple of others I had not heard of.

I also got to hear Mike Adams talking about how the FDA and the U.S. government have colluded to keep us from having information and treatments not sanctioned by Big Pharma. Big Surprise, right?

After hearing the first two nights, I bought the digital copy for $50 because I knew I’d want to hear it again and again. If you want to hear the interviews, let me know in the comments below. We’ll connect and figure out how to get you a copy on CD or a jump drive.

Cure Your Cancer at Home

All of these doctors use alternative cancer treatments, most of which you can do at home. A few of the docs have clinics where you can go to start your treatment. One doctor offers a consultation at his office. He sets you up, sends you home to do your treatment. Gerson tells the whole story in a couple of books. I bought those, too. In fact, I’m interested in becoming a certified Gerson Home Set-Up Trainer.

How to Prevent Cancer

We all have cancer cells all the time. When our bodies are healthy, we are unwelcoming to those cells and they die off. The best way to prevent cancer is to keep the body healthy. Really, actually healthy. Not just cutting back on sugar: eliminating sugar. Not just cutting back on fast food. Eliminating fast food. All fast food. Eliminating processed food. Eliminating GM foods, which is tricky since they aren’t labeled.

We need to start looking at food in a conventional grocery store a little differently. Instead of assuming it must all be healthful or it couldn’t be sold, assume it’s all poisonous until you can prove it’s not. Seriously. Only when you do the research and decide which foods are truly nutritious and safe to eat, will you be on the path to vibrant health.

Healthful Foods

What can we eat? We eat all organic fruits and vegetables grown locally. I don’t need to ingest another pesticide. Apparently, umbilical cords are full of the stuff. If we stop buying foods grown with pesticides, pesticides will go the way of the buggy whip.

We drink raw milk, delicious. If you can’t get raw, at least drink whole. Choose milk that is lightly pasteurized. In KY, we have a dairy that offers un-homogenized milk pasteurized at 145°. At least not all the good has been boiled out of it!

Eat meats, butter, dairy and eggs from pastured animals not given hormones and/or antibiotics. Farmers may need to offer antibiotics to a sick animal, but that cow is taken out of milk duty until the antibiotics leave the system. Then you have to look at how/why the animal got sick and fix that.

“Conventional” farmers, on the other hand, use antibiotics prophylactically, as a preventative. Meaning all the time. Why? Because their animals are stuffed in cages so tightly, if one gets sick, they all get sick. I’m not going to support that kind of farming with my food dollar. Not only is it inhumane, if I eat those foods, I eat that poison. Nah.

Take supplements and plenty of ‘ em. Our soil is not what it used to be and our food is lacking in the density of nutrients it used to offer.

By the way, this advice is from experts in the field, not me. Although, if you think about it for a minute, it makes sense. Go ahead. Think about it.

When your body is unhealthy, cancer is so happy!!! It grows and mutates and spreads… it’s like a weed in your untended garden. That weed creeps along and creeps along, multiplying, spreading — we don’t even notice it — till one day, BOOM, yer dead.

Cancer Doesn’t “Happen”

Cancer is happening. Right now. Inside all of us. To prevent a painful cancer experience, here’s what I’m doing:

1. Listen to the cancer doctor interviews. It’s a million-dollar-could-save-your-life education for free. Leave a comment and I’ll get them to you.

2. Follow their instructions for cancer treatment to get healthy now. I’m using all the tricks and tips to prevent cancer. I’m trying everything. I’ll keep what I feel is working for me, leaving the rest.

3. If you like having professional assistance, find a chiropractor or naturopath on your wavelength to be a guide, to see your body and health from an outside perspective.

Cancer is Curable Now

Too many of my family and friends have died of cancer in the past few years. My sister-in-law called one day to say she had lung cancer. She felt fine, but coughed up a little blood one morning. Six months later, she was gone. That’s the darnedest thing about cancer: we feel fine until we are too sick to do anything about it.

Baby boomers are developing cancer at an alarming rate. One in 3 of us will get cancer in our lifetimes. Of that, 30% of us will die. Actually, if you are a man, there is a 50% chance you’ll get cancer. Those are unbelievable statistics. Something’s gotta give.

Yesterday, I bought the movie Cancer is Curable Now (now on YouTube) for $20 to watch streaming anytime on my computer.

If you have cancer or have survived cancer, or have a loved one in either situation, start getting a cancer education. Watch Cancer is Curable Now. Adjust your lifestyle so your body is not a welcoming host to cancer cells looking for a spot to settle in and spread out.

With the right physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach, cancer is curable now. If you’ve worked with any of these cancer docs or followed any natural healing methods for getting yourself well, please share it! I’m all ears these days.

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