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A friend has Stage III colorectal cancer, a cancer that starts in the colon or rectum and is aka colon cancer, rectal cancer, bowel cancer.

My friend has had chemo and the docs want her to have more. Statistically speaking, that is the least helpful path to take. (She’s decided against.)

I told her about Chris Wark who healed his SIII colon cancer with food and supplements. He had surgery to remove the tumor, then radically changed his diet and lifestyle. He’s still with us. He has an excellent video here. Anticancermom.com (link below) is still with us, too, and SO MANY OTHERS.

There is an avalanche of info available for the seeker. Trust me, I’ve read a great deal of it!!! The following is what I would do.

#1 Hire this alternative cancer doctor

Dr. Linda Isaacs is who I’d see; her website is here with lots of details. She’s not expensive but, if I didn’t have the cash, I’d fundraise. Linda was Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’ partner for 20 years. He was my choice for a cancer doc should the need arise. Tragically he is one of the docs who died an untimely death in 2015. Linda still does his protocol.

This is Chris Wark interviewing Ann Cooper, a 13 year survivor of pancreatic cancer, considered THE most deadly cancer. She refused surgery, chemo and radiation… what did she do? She worked with Dr. Isaacs. Here’s her story:

No matter what, if I choose to work with a professional, I’d do whatever she told me to do. Dr. G wrote an excellent article on why commitment to a protocol is critically important.

If I didn’t use a doc for some reason, here’s what I’d do on my own:

#2 Detox

Detox is critical in any healing protocol. You can’t get well if you have toxins in your system. Toxins are how we get sick in the first place! Your body stores these in your body fat and organs, including your brain. I recommend 2 methods of detox to be continued throughout the protocol.

Zeolite | We use zeolite which is an odorless, tasteless nano-zeolite spray that you take by spraying into your mouth once a day. It safely and efficiently detoxes heavy metals and toxins throughout the body, including beyond the blood brain barrier. Zeolite is so effective at removing toxins that it is used by industry to clean up toxic waste! For details, please contact me!

Coffee Enemas | Every alternative cancer doctor I know of uses coffee enemas for detox. It’s like a regular enema but you use coffee instead of water. The caffeine in the coffee goes into your bloodstream and stimulates your liver. Your liver is the largest organ in your body and the main organ taxed with detox. Coffee enemas get the liver flushing, pushing out toxins. Here’s exactly how to do them.

#3 Diet

I would follow the Budwig Diet as Anticancermom.com used, she outlines it here. This is a video of her making the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture — that’s the base of the diet. I ate this for a little over a year, every day and it’s delicious, filling and healing!

#4 Rest

Bed at 10pm, up at 6am. When I have trouble sleeping, here’s what I do.

#5 Exercise

No exercise: exercise is catabolic meaning it tears the body down. Right now, I’d be all about building the body UP. If long walks on the beach are what you love, by all means!!! Just no weight lifting or aerobics. Or bike-riding. Not even strenuous yoga. Gentle movement is key, rest is paramount.

#6 Stress Management

#7 Supplements

Here are the essentials I would take if I had cancer. No matter what your illness, you cannot get well without intervention and that includes supplements. We Americans are overfed and undernourished. Gotta turn that ship around!

#8 Consider Jane’s “off-label” med protocol

Jane McClelland has a remarkable new approach to healing cancer. Watch her video interview with Chris Wark. If that’s appealing, read her book How to Starve Cancer. There is a clinic that specializes in her protocol — I can help you get there.

These are the basics. Call me anytime. I love you.

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