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Here are two info-packed videos with verifiable, credible experts. Outlined here for your listening-while-driving (or gardening or jogging) pleasure!

Reiner Fullmich and his Coronavirus Committee along with Tom Renz, Dr. Woldarg, Dr. Bob Ardis (49 minutes)


(If FB has removed it, it’s also here bitchute.com/video/jv3GSOcoIGCP)

A little about the speakers:

  • Fullmich – his Crimes against Humanity video is here: bitchute.com/video/zarFW3hwuyBc. This was our introduction to Reiner, an extremely courageous and principled man. He’s suing the WHO as well as being involved in major lawsuits in the US (including ours in KY).
  • Renz – renz-law.com, the main attorney in the US lawsuits. Tom is on the team with our attorney, Mike Hamilton (cornerstoneattorney.com). We (mafaky.org) are suing our Emperor Beshear to prove that there ever was an emergency.
  • Dr. Wolfgang Woldarg is part of Reiner’s coronavirus committee. His website is here and YT is still full of videos, he’s been interviewed by everyone.
  • Dr. Bob Ardis – thedrardisshow.com. He is new to me but very impressive. Does not mince words and has done his homework.

Dr. Simone Gold on the virus, vax, the truth. (56 minutes)

https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/covid19/vaccines/ (or https://rumble.com/vd3aur-dr-simone-gold-the-truth-about-the-covid-19-vaccine.html)

Excellent!! Two spots of particular significance:

  1. Minute 25.20 Dr. Gold describes “pathogenic priming” which is what killed all the animals in ALL the animal trials.
  2. Minute 16.50 re. Survival data from CDC:
  • Under 20yo have a 99.997% chance of survival
  • 20-49 99.98%
  • 50-69 99.5%
  • 70+ approaching 95%

That’s with NO treatment!!! When you catch it early and treat it, survival is close to 100%.

Treatment: hackinghealth.us/preventflu

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