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Y’all know better, but maybe there’s a new reader who needs to hear this:

No product heals everything.

Every time a new supplement pops up (or an old one resurfaces, maybe in a prettier package) with extraordinary claims like it “heals this & this & this, oh & this, better everything, fuller life + you’ll get rich”… you roll your eyes, right?

I mean, I ALWAYS sift thru the claims until I know what it is & what it actually does. I take & recommend a bunch ‘o supplements, we eat clean, use clean personal care & household products ALL of which were thoroughly investigated! We try to limit stress… ok, major fail in that area lately but working on it & giving ourselves a LOT of grace 💗🙏🏻

But y’all, here’s the BOMB: no product heals ANYTHING!

That’s right. No product, natural or synthetic, heals A N Y T H I N G!

Ok, so how do you heal?


It just needs a little help, mostly us getting out of its way!!! Like (in order)…

  1. STOP pouring in & putting on toxin-filled food, products, supplements!!!
  2. DETOX the poisons already in your body (Yes you have them, we live in a toxic soup. All the alternative docs, nurses, health coaches I know… we detox regularly!)
  3. DO pour in/on CLEAN food, products, supplements
  4. MODIFY lifestyle to prevent a repeat

These are SIMPLE, established, proven effective steps to get your healing party started. It’s SOOOOO magical to watch the body do its thing!!!

Start with 1, take baby steps. If you want support, contact me. I’m an excellent guide & hand-holder!

PS. You will still have fun!!! Pura vida 🙌🏻

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