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iodine for hair loss
This is from ONE shower…

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Updated 11/26/16

I’ve been using Iodine since September 2010 and plan to take it forever.

Lately, it seems I see SO MANY WOMEN who have receding hairlines, bald spots, extremely thin hair. I want to run up to them and extoll the virtues of iodine supplementation… but I figure they want to believe no one notices their hair loss, so I don’t.

If you know someone with hair troubles, please share this post. There’s a wealth of info here as well as links to actual experts. At least get them on the path to healthy hair. Who doesn’t want good hair days?

Back in 2010, after IAD (I Almost Died, a phrase that comes in handy when I want something from my siblings),  I watched my hair falling out in clumps in the shower. It was the most prolonged depressing experience of my young life. It wasn’t the prospect of being bald. I can do bald. It was the overwhelming fear and panic, wondering what the hell was happening NOW, and what was going to happen NEXT?

After blogging about it, a reader suggested thyroid trouble. “Thyroid?” I asked. “What’s a thyroid?” Seriously, I had no clue. You all teach me everything. Thank you.

I researched “thyroid hair loss” and discovered iodine. It didn’t take much convincing to try it. In fact, I got some Lugol’s iodine in pill form as fast as I could! After 3 days, the hair loss STOPPED. Cold. Wow… I will never be without iodine again.

Companion Nutrients for Iodine

If you are taking iodine, you need Selenium and Vitamin C as well. Not necessarily at the same time but on the same day 🙂

+ SELENIUM: Here’s a good article explaining the relationship. There are links in this article to read what other experts say. This is the selenium I take.

+ VITAMIN C You also need to supplement with Vitamin C. This is what I take, I mix into my daily protein shake. You can mix in yogurt, too, or juice. If you prefer pills, this is the liposomal Vitamin C I keep on hand as well.

THYROID ISSUES If you have Hashimoto’s, Addison’s, etc., do your research on iodine + selenium supplementation. Many mainstream doctors warn against iodine supplementation. The alternative community does NOT warn against, au contraire!!! What mainstream docs don’t know about thyroid health could fill an encyclopedia! There are several excellent resources below to learn more.

Iodine in liquid form or pill form?

Lugol’s solution is not a brand name, it’s the formula named after its creator. LugoTabs is the pill form of Lugol’s. I started with the pills, then went to the liquid because the liquid is cheaper. Tastes how you might think iodine tastes: terrible. If you mix it with a little kombucha or put in a smoothie, you never know.

I’ve now gone back to the LugoTabs. Easy and no taste!

Some say the pills are the better choice because the pill goes lower in the intestine before dissolving which means better absorption where it’s needed. I don’t understand the how or why of that, but I did read it on the internet so it’s gotta be true, right?

Ok, j/k. I don’t believe EVERYTHING I read online. Only after considerable research do I trust my instincts on new ideas. 

How much?

I started with the 12.5 mg; now I’m up to 50 mg. That’s the minimum, according to Dr. Brownstein (see videos below with Dr. Mercola).

Here’s an excellent guide to supplementation from Stepping Stones Living run by Stephanie Buist. She ran the iodine groups when I first started learning about iodine back in 2011.

Iodine Detox Reaction


When you start taking iodine, there’s an excellent chance of detox reactions, a.k.a. “Herx” reactions. These are most often flu-like symptoms and include a wide range of unpleasant ways your body reacts to a cleanse or a change in diet: headaches, rashes, aches, skin eruptions, to name a few of the prettier ones. Just don’t let it surprise you!

My detox reactions from the various natural cures I’ve tried have never lasted longer than a week. For relief, I do coffee enemas, castor oil packs, epsom salt baths, drink lots of decaf liquids, extra Vitamin D3 (along with my daily supplements).

I did salt loading at the beginning almost everyday and occasionally do it now. Iodine replaces the bromide and fluoride in your thyroid, toxins that are NOT supposed to be there. Salt loading helps move them out of your body. Yay!

Iodine Resources

There are two excellent moderated groups on Facebook:

  1. The Iodine Workshop and Lynn Farrow’s book The Iodine Crisis.
  2. Iodine 4 Health run by Stephanie Buist.

You’ll read hundreds of personal experiences with iodine, including detox reactions as well as how and what iodine heals. READ THE BOOKS /=:-)

Dr. Brownstein on Iodine

In the alternative health field, Dr. David Brownstein is one of the acknowledged iodine experts. Here he is with Dr. Mercola (Part 1 below, click here for Part 2 and here for Part 3):

Dr. Flechas on Iodine

Lots of great videos here.

Iodine worked for me.

My hair stopped falling out and it all came back thick and healthy. Actually, the first growth back was what my friends who have done chemo call “chemo hair”: it was curly and a little bristly, more gray than before. Soooo relieved to have hair again!!!

Have you experienced your hair falling out? What worked for you, what didn’t?

Other Resources:

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