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Mr. Romance at his 70th bday party. He refuses to have his face online. He’s a keeper!!!

My husband, Hal, and I have been taking zeolite since January 1 2019. This is our testimonial so far. We’ve been watching friends and FB friends for a few months now, too. The results can be astonishing.


Hemochromatosis is an inability to excrete iron. When you can’t excrete it, it lodges in your joints, organs, brain, tissues and, as you can imagine, causes many, many health issues.

At one point, Hal’s ferritin was 3000 Nl. Normal is 11. He gets prescriptions for phlebotomy which is the only way of getting rid of excess iron. Last year it had climbed back up to 600 and he started giving blood again, not very regularly. There’s no place around here to give it so he has to make a 2 hour round trip.

He just had a blood test done and, after 6 months on zeolite, EVERY marker was normal. That has NEVER happened. He’s decided he won’t give blood again for a few months and we’ll test again. He can’t get a prescription now anyway with normal markers!!!

My Husband’s ANKLES

For the past 10 years, Hal’s ankles have been getting worse and worse. Swollen beyond recognition, lots of bone spurs and jagged edges in there. He can’t be on his feet for long, no hiking, no mall shopping. After a few hours standing in his woodshed, he needs analgesics.

We’ve done every therapy out there, including stem cells. Nothing has helped, not even a little. We even talked about removing his feet and getting those springboard feet… insane. Too crazy, we just couldn’t do it.

Today, his ankles are hardly swollen at all. He has a tiny bit more endurance but just having the inflammation be reduced is wonderful. 

GRANULOMAS on My Vocal Cords

Back in 2009, I had an amalgam filling removed un-holistically. I swallowed mercury, inhaled it… I had just begun my holistic journey a couple of years before this and did not realize how dangerous this was.

Several months later, I ended up in the hospital on my deathbed. I had contracted bacterial pneumonia. The docs put me in a coma to save my life, I had a respirator. They removed the respirator after 10 days and told me my voice would return to normal within the month.

It never did. I sounded like I had laryngitis for a couple of years afterwards. That would be awful for anyone but it was devastating for me. I’m a trained singer, perfect pitch. In 6th grade, I sang Oh Holy Night a cappella over the school intercom. Five days before going in the hospital, I was singing in a local band and directing a musical comedy for a local community theatre. My bachelor’s is in theatre arts. I’ve been in a theatrical production, mostly musical comedies, every year since 1983. I identified as a singer.

I got a scope about 6 months after the hospital stay when it was clear I was not getting my voice back. They discovered granulomas on my vocal cords. This prevents them from closing fully and from vibrating properly.

The expert doctors don’t know what causes granulomas. I was told by them and by internet research that granulomas may or may not gradually go away. Good luck.

In Forrest Maready’s book Crooked he discusses how your body forms granulomas over heavy metals… I’m thinking this is what happened. My voice had mysteriously become a bit unstable before my hospital stay… maybe the respirator exasperated a problem that was already in process.

This is my favorite part of my personal testimonial!!!

After 6 months on zeolite, my voice has improved dramatically. I’m not going to torment anyone by singing in public because I still sound a little too much like John Prine, but I can now sing along with the radio and with my grand daughter and that brings me such joy, I cannot tell you!!!

The Whites of My EYES

The whites of my eyes are white again. I notice the whites of people’s eyes look yellowish or grayish as they age… maybe liver, maybe just aging? I don’t know. But mine are white again.

Also they are bluer. I haven’t paid that much attention to them but I suddenly get comments on my eye color when that hasn’t happened for years. Maybe because the whites are whiter…

These are all huge improvements and we are so grateful for zeolite!!! We will continue for the foreseeable future, along with our other supplements!!! I’d love to see my grown sons do it but they don’t do what mommy says anymore. Even when I buy it. Harrumph.

I won’t stop mentioning it, lol. We’ll see.

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