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Good Monday morning, y’all!!! There’s been some talk lately about raw milk going across state lines: is it legal or not, what will happen if you do (either as buyer or seller). So I wrote to the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) and asked.

Pete Kennedy, the lead attorney at the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (F2C) wrote back. I’ve known Pete since I became a chapter leader in 2011.

If you wonder why a “farm to consumer legal defense fund” and you’ve never seen the farmageddonmovie.com (NOT the Shaun the sheep one 🙄), it’s an essential educational tool. NOT for children. The violence committed against farmers and their animals by alphabet agencies is shocking.

Btw, Michael Schmidt is still being persecuted by the Canadian government over raw milk. davidgumpert.com/in-midst-of-pandemic-no-letup-in-legal-assault-against-raw-dairy-farmer-michael-schmid

The F2C was started by WAPF in 2007 and is funded by membership and donations. They are a huge resource for farmers being targeted by any alphabet agency. If you want to learn more and support their incredibly important work in the food freedom movement, go to farmtoconsumer.org/about/

WAPF was founded in 1999 and has members & chapter leaders in all 50 states & 27 countries. When you are a member ($40/year), you support every bit of outreach and education they do and you get FOUR 100+ page journals a year filled with research, science, letters and rock solid information. Pictures of the last 2 below also. Join here: westonaprice.org/why-join/

I daresay we would not have legal access to the real food we do now without them. Not that it’s illegal to raise/grow real food, but WAPF & F2C has helped bring to light and stop years of harassment and intimidation.

PS. It’s $90/year to belong to both organizations. As a consumer, I’m always a member of WAPF and I join or donate to F2C when I can. If I were a farmer, it would be reversed: always a member of F2C and join/donate to WAPF when I could.

PSS. Being a chapter leader is a volunteer position and anyone can do it. You just need to keep a list of “real food” farmers in your area and we could use the help!!! There are more and more farmers providing food for us and we need to make sure they have a market for their products and know where to get help if they need it. If you want to be a chapter leader, let’s talk.

PSSS. If you are interested in learning where you can get real food, go here and find a chapter leader in your area! westonaprice.org/find-nutrient-dense-foods/

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