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What is “real food”? It’s unadulterated grown/raised as nature intended FOOD. One ingredient. Grown organically. Raised without hormones, antibiotics, GMOs.

Real foods include:

  • Raw milk from cows on clean pasture eating grass, supplemented with a bit of non-GMO or organic feed while milking
  • Pasture-raised, grass-fed beef, either grass-finished on pasture or finished with non-GMO or organic grains while still on pasture. Real beef is never raised in a barn, never confined to a stall! We love grass-fed grass-finished beef, but we also love a fatty rib-eye and that requires some grains. Most of us can live with that!
  • Pastured pork & chickens supplemented with non-GMO or organic grains
  • Eggs from chickens living on pasture supplemented with non-GMO or organic grains

Where to find REAL food:

  • westonaprice.org – see “find food & local chapters” link in the sidebar and find the chapter closest to you. As a chapter leader, our only job is to keep track of real food farmers!
  • realmilk.com – EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about milk 🙂
  • Ask farmers at markets or on social media. Search “pastured beef YOURSTATE” on the web or on social media. When you find a farmer, ask if s/he knows other real food farmers in the area!
  • Search for an organic association in your state — they will know farmers!!!

Real Food Online

These two real food farmers ship to you! If you can’t find locally, these farmers are awesome. I personally know them both!!!

Shared with love xo Sally

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