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So much debate around the topic these days, what’s good science, what’s not.

Please listen carefully to Allan Savory, 1.5 minutes — this is brilliant & spot on!!!

[Full interview here https://youtu.be/1s4vWrHw3WY?t=5138]

Science or Consensus (academia)?

For years now, we hear “the science is settled” and “the scientific consensus”. That’s not science. That’s academia, that’s CONSENSUS.There was a consensus that the world was flat, so the issue was settled by consensus. People who disagreed did so at their peril, because they would be branded as heretics & excommunicated by the Catholic Church, imprisoned, tortured, killed. The church controlled politics and what passed for the scientific community. If you opposed its views, you were committing blasphemy and heresy and you were in big trouble, so those who believed otherwise were terrified to openly disagree.

The same thing is happening now but instead of the naysayers being imprisoned and tortured and killed, their careers are being ruined, reputations destroyed, no more government research grants, no prestigious chairs at universities, no book deals, no employment in their field…

Government grants are a powerful weapon in the “is it science or consensus” world. Big money… you can’t be a scientist without research and that costs big money.

Fauci took millions in government grant money & FUNDED the lab research that produced the virus, a fact covered up by media consensus until the truth came out in the FOIAs.

The media is supposed to be the 4th branch of government, guardians of the truth, to hold government & bureaucrats accountable.

Not these days, not if there’s censorship of non-consensus views. Not if the only thing you hear is the consensus that, shocker, supports and protects big Pharma and the “healthcare” industry.

Do your own research before making your health decisions. You can’t count on getting the truth from a bought media or doctors threatened with losing their license if they stray from the consensus.

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