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About our move back to the states…

sally-circle-pixHi there, welcome to my new blog. If you are tracking over from A Broad In Costa Rica, a double-whammy, big fat welcome. Wish I had door prizes for all of you! For those of you new to da broad (me), here’s the herstory:

I fell into blogging about our lives as expats in Costa Rica Jan 2006. Fell hard.

It was in Costa Rica that I discovered the work of Weston A Price and real foods and raw milk… and started to pay attention to what is in our food. That’s when I discovered that we weren’t eating real food. What we ate came out of a box or a bag or a can or a jar. We ate industrialized food…

And then I got sick. Very, very sick.

Unexpectedly almost dying was a turning point. I’d thought I was healthy. A tad overweight, perhaps, but we shopped at the farmer’s markets, took vitamins, no aches or pains. But I wasn’t that healthy, apparently. One day I was at a party, the next in bed with 104 temps. Four days later, I was in the hospital ’bout dead. No kidding. I haven’t been sick in years. Then bam: laid out.

The doctors said if I hadn’t come to the hospital that night, I would be toast. It was a shocker.

Then, September 2010, three months after I got out of the hospital, we moved back to the states, esplained here.

A Broad in Costa Rica was to continue as “A Broad in the USA,” I even reserved the name. But, it didn’t seem right somehow to squeeze a round, fluffy broad into a square hole. Two completely different lifestyles, latitudes, foci.

The lingering after-effects tell me the bod’s not all together yet. I’m on a mission for Vibrant Health. Nourishing Liberty is the blog I share with Liz Reitzig: friend, mom to five kids and relentless farm food freedom activist. Liz writes about food and farm liberty. My posts are geared to obtaining and keeping vibrant health so we can enjoy that liberty. Good plan, yes?

What Will I Do When I Grow Up?

Another benefit of almost dying is that you don’t want to waste another minute doing something that gives you no pleasure. Or that is pushing a rock up a hill. So I’m allowing the universe to plant new ideas at my feet 🙂 And so many ideas under consideration!!

I’m currently in school to become a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner (since I do that part-time anyway)!

I might train to teach the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga. Hot yoga is amazing!

Ortho-Bionomy, a hands-on healing modality along the lines of shiatsu and chiropractic, holds my attention. During the years I taught fitness (1983 to 2000), Greg Henke‘s ortho-bionomy work kept me pain-free and able to walk.

Auricular Therapy — “earcupuncture” — is alluring, as well. And Faster EFT, love that stuff.

All avenues to vibrant health in all areas. I love it! Of course, those are the current ideas. Expect revisions. God laughs when I make plans. You’ll see.

Political Action

I’m in political heaven here.  In Costa Rica, I got to talk. Here I get to do. There are Campaign for Liberty Meetups, long conversations with really smart people — young and old — about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, to amend or not. Food freedom is a hot sub-topic (overall freedom being the main event): raw milk, pastured beef and chickens.

I’ll try not to drive you crazy with politics… although, if we don’t get to decide the food we eat and the food we feed our children, what are we doing?


To contact me, please leave a comment below or message me on Facebook. My email is out of control. If you want nutritional counseling, we’ll exchange emails and phone numbers and Skype handles, of course.

Thank you for reading. Keep on, ’cause I’ll be writing! Pura vida, more to follow prontitico!

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  • Now in Kentucky
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